Consign With RL Customs

Consign your car with RL Custom Cars. Whether you would like to have a place to store your car or would like us to help you sell it, we can help. Let us advertise your car and get it sold quickly. We know you would like to sell your car and get the best price possible, while having a safe environment to store your car.

We will list your car on the top sites to get your car sold fast:


 Consign with RL Custom Cars to avoid all the hassle

  • No Strangers At Your DoorConsign, store your car
  • No Phone Calls or Texts At All Hours
  • No Emails To Answer or Pictures To Send
  • Professional Presentation
  • Studio Quality Pictures and Videos
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Write-Up
  • Classic Car Financing Available
  • We Will Get You Top $$$


Items to bring in with your vehicle at time of consignment:
  • Title or application for title in the name of the person consigning the vehicle
  • Any documentation describing the history and/or work performed on the vehicle
  • Driver’s license for each owner listed on the title

In addition to these requirements, we also require the Vin # to be present and easily readable on the vehicle and it must match the Vin # on the title. We also ask that your car be clean, complete, and in solid operating condition. If needed, we offer several detailing options to make the vehicle ready for display. Our staff will keep your car clean and perform minor maintenance such as charging batteries and inflating tires as needed.